Welcome to The Secret Teaching

Secret Teaching

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Secret Teaching. This forum is brand new and definitely a work in progress so please keep that in mind.

What is this forum for?

This forum plans on being a generalized art forum, but for now it is focused on becoming a discussion hub for music based in Southern California.

We will expand the categories as needed.


Consider this the de-facto sticky post while the official rules are being drafted, but keep the following things in mind.

  • Everyone posting on the forum is a human, so treat each other with respect (don’t be an asshole)
  • There’s absolutely no room for racism, transphobia, or any form of hate speech
  • Please don’t post spam/scam content on the forum.

Stay tuned for more formalized sticky posts that will outline the rules and vision for this common space. Until then, thanks for stopping by the forum. Please don’t be afraid to post and share content.

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